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Cindy Fortin - Mayoral Candidate for Peachland (I)

Q 1: If elected, what will you do to reduce the rising vulnerability among young children in your community?

1. The first, most important thing is housing/shelter. Too many working families are finding housing unaffordable, taking far too big of a chunk out of their paycheques, with food, clothing and activities becoming secondary with the little that is left over. Solving this with affordable housing is a good first start to helping to reduce the rising vulnerability among young children in the community. Affordable housing has been one of my primary concerns. I also believe that low cost $10/day daycare would free up a significant amount of a family's income, and allow both parents to work and get ahead.

Q 2: If elected, what will you do to help increase the number of quality child care spaces in our community?

2. Currently Peachland has an After-School program with the Boys and Girls Club. The District gives the Boys and Girls Club a large grant each year and the use of a facility. They also have programs for younger children.

Q 3: If elected, will you endorse the $10aDay Child Care Plan?

3. I have endorsed the $10/day Child Care Plan since I first heard of it, and will continue to do so. A discussion and letter of support from Council is also a good idea.

Q 4: If elected, will you advocate for free access to public transit and recreation services for children and reduced transit fares for low-income individuals, families and seniors?

4. Healthy children and families, including affordable activities, is one of my top priorities. In addition to our well-used skatepark, we have brought WIBIT in for the summer months, have Swim Bay with Lifeguards, support the activities of the Peachland Boys and Girls Club all year round, and I have been promoting a Splash Park for younger children. Regarding Transit, free access for low income individuals and seniors is a good idea, and something that we can promote as a Council with BC Transit.

Q 5: The municipal government has a responsibility to avoid contributing to the problem of low-wage poverty. If elected will you commit to adopting a living wage policy requiring the municipality (or school district) to pay a living wage to both it’s employees and contract staff?

5. Absolutely. I hope we already do. I support both a living wages for for employees and contract staff, as well as medical and dental benefits for them and their families. In the long run, a healthy employee and their family is less costly.

Q 6: Homelessness and housing affordability is a regional issue that has “spillover effects” from one community to another. If elected, how will you work with the City of Kelowna to support the Journey Home Strategy at a regional level?

6. Kelowna's Journey Home Strategy is an excellent 5 yr strategy to reduce homelessness in Kelowna. If successful, I would support it at a regional level and beyond. In Peachland, even though we are a much smaller community, we are currently in the building phase of a 74-unit affordable seniors building. We also donated the land and waived DCCs for a 6-unit Habitat for Humanity build, and when it comes to developers we ask for a contribution (per unit) towards affordable housing.

Q 7: If elected, will you participate in and support the Central Okanagan Poverty Reduction Committee - both with financial and staff resources - to develop a local poverty reduction strategy? Please describe what you see as your City’s role.

7. I would very much like the Poverty Reduction Committee to do a presentation at one of our Council meetings to better inform our local Council about the program, what your needs are, and what we can do as a small community to assist.

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