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Early Years Partnership

Jason Friesen - West Kelowna Councillor

I believe that the city, working with BCPRC & COEYP, is one partnership that we do need to embrace. The issues that are represented in this group are real and have many undesirable results that affect individuals and the community as a whole. There are many strategies that the senior levels of government have in place to address many of these concerns, and it is up to local government to do their best to provide continuous support and advocate for the BCPRC & COEYP when and wherever possible. We need to do our part on a municipal level in supporting the local organizations and businesses that are providing the services that address early childhood learning, daycares, recreational facilities etc. This could be done through property tax reductions or exemptions as well as a reduction in development or permitting fees for new facilities that may provide early learning or child care services. Providing grants to sporting associations so that they can support children that are struggling financially and may not be able to play otherwise. Consider reduced rate or free passes for public transportation and recreational facilities for those struggling with low income. The city needs to continue supporting the local foodbank and look to support other community organizations that may be providing meals and/or food services to the needy. On a larger scale, we need to create incentives and attract investment from developers that may be willing to create and provide affordable housing. In partnership with WFN we need to lobby and support BC Housing in an effort to provide affordable and supportive housing options. And, we need to be attracting more business investment that will provide more and better paying employment opportunities, which will alleviate the financial strain that many families are faced with.

Working Together on Early Childhood Development

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