Central Okanagan 

Early Years Partnership

Mario Vucinovic

Q 1: If elected, what will you do to reduce the rising vulnerability among young children in your community?

1. Identify any concerns, consult with community groups and other jurisdictions like social ministries to seek solutions within a timely framework.

Q 2: If elected, what will you do to help increase the number of quality child care spaces in our community?

2. Identify a need, consult community groups and advocate for solutions at all levels of government.

Q 3: If elected, will you endorse the $10aDay Child Care Plan?

3. Yes, providing the plan targets vulnerable families as priority.

Q 4: If elected, will you advocate for free access to public transit and recreation services for children and reduced transit fares for low-income individuals, families and seniors?

4. I have advocated for lower transit fares and recreation opportunities. We need to involve transit authorities valley wide and other levels of government to allocate resources to recreation amenities and accessible transportation needs.

Q 5: The municipal government has a responsibility to avoid contributing to the problem of low-wage poverty. If elected will you commit to adopting a living wage policy requiring the municipality (or school district) to pay a living wage to both it’s employees and contract staff?

5. Living wage is a priority of mine. From our immigrant work force, to low income families working multiple jobs to make ends meet, to many seniors working to compensate for low pension income; a serious problem that is not mentioned often enough.

Q 6: Homelessness and housing affordability is a regional issue that has “spillover effects” from one community to another. If elected, how will you work with the City of Kelowna to support the Journey Home Strategy at a regional level?

6. The Journey Home Strategy is a regional issue that requires consultation with all municipalities and first nations to address homelessness in our communities.

Q 7: If elected, will you participate in and support the Central Okanagan Poverty Reduction Committee - both with financial and staff resources - to develop a local poverty reduction strategy? Please describe what you see as your City’s role.

7. All levels of government need to support social income assistance programs; poverty reduction is such a program.

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