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#OkFamilyConnections  Project

Central Okanagan's Early Years Partnership (COEYP) Social Emotional Action Team is pleased to present this campaign to raise awareness of how you can support the social emotional development of young children. 

Download the current poster here!

This campaign was envisioned more than a year ago by community partners who were interested in supporting social emotional development of young children in the broader community 

The Central Okanagan Early Years Partnership - Social Emotional Action Team launched a poster campaign on November 15th, 2018. This project was developed over the previous year by community partners who were interested in supporting social emotional development of young children in the broader community.  Research through the  Early Development Instrument from the Human Early Learning Partnership of UBC has shown that Central Okanagan young children are vulnerable in the Social Emotional domain of child development.

This campaign is a series of 9 monthly posters highlighting social emotional development themes supported by activities sent by email to participants. 

If you are interested in participating, sign up for:

  • a monthly poster highlighting one aspect of social emotional development

  • a monthly email with simple activities that you can do with young children in your life

  • participate in social media to bring awareness of simple actions that will support children’s development.  Anyone who posts with the tagline #okfamilyconnections will be entered into a monthly draw for prizes such as YMCA family passes, membership to the Childhood Connections toy lending library or children's books.

You can sign up for all or some of these actions by completing the sign up form or by sending an email to eve@coeyp.ca

We feel that these posters and supporting activities will give you tools needed to easily support the social emotional development of young children.

Monthly Theme Activities:

February = “Get to Know Me”

  1. Play the “my favourite” game - everyone takes turns to talk about “my favourite is....” Examples are: favourite song, book, colour and foods!
  2. Make "all about me" stories - Make a story starring me and all my favourite things.
  3. If you were an animal what kind would you be and how would you move?
  4. Create a Talking stick story! Take turns creating a story together, the person holding the “talking stick” adds a sentence to the story and than passes the stick to the next person.
  5. How do we know a child's temperament?  Find out here:  https://www.healthychildren.org/English/ages-stages/gradeschool/Pages/How-to-Understand-Your-Childs-Temperament.aspx
  6. Help me find my gifts - explore different activities with your child to find their passion.
  7. Accept me as I am - Talk about our differences and how we are all the same.

January = "Be Kind to Yourself" 

  1. Self care activities (take time to do those things for yourself you haven’t had time to do lately)

  2. Take a walk by yourself or with an adult friend

  3. Read a book

  4. Go to a class - i.e. music or painting

  5. Dance in your living room or find a dance class and try something new

  6. Plan an evening out, either date night or a girls night out and then go!

  7. Spend some time without your child, contact a friend or family member that said they would love to help and let them.

November/December = “Play and Connect with Me” 

1. Playing dress up together - you don’t need anything special, find some colourful scarves, big hats and your winter boots!
2. Do arts & crafts together - leaves from the garden make great people shapes when glued together on a piece of paper.
3. Play, Play, Play! Follow the child's lead in play, let the child choose the activity and let them guide what you are doing.
4. Play with favourite stuffies and toys - show them how to play with toys in different ways or have the always popular tea party
5. Play pretend - make up a story and act it out
6. Age appropriate cooking/baking together - pouring and mixing are great ways young children can help
7. Take me outside for a walk (or in a stroller/baby carrier)

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