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ELECTION 2018 - Municipal

Candidate Election - Questions and answers

COEYP in partnership with the BC Poverty Reduction Coalition has asked all School District Trustees, Peachland, Lake Country and West Kelowna Mayoral and Councillor Candidates questions regarding poverty reduction and early childhood development.  

These questions can be viewed here:

Kelowna Mayoral and Councillor candidates have also been sent these questions but we have asked them to answer at our All Candidates Forum event on Oct 17th.

To view candidate responses (if they have been submitted to us) click on their name below:

City of West Kelowna


Mary Mandarino

Gord Milsom


Phillip Akins

Jerome Chung

Rick de Jong (I)

Brad Dobbin

Rusty Ensign (I)

Doug Findlater

Jason Friesen

Joe Gluska

Stephen Johnson

Roselind Neis (I)

Tiffany Pare

Winston Wammer

Gordon Wiebe

Bryden W Winsby (I)

Carol Zanon (I)

Jayson Zilkie


Chantelle Desrosiers

Chris Vernon-Jarvis



Cindy D Fortin (I)

Harry Gough

Eric Hall

Bob Henderson

Ernie Hurd

Keith P Thom


Terry Condon (I)

Pete Coolio (Peter Couillard)

Pam Cunningham (I)

Keith Fielding

Rick Ingram

Mike Kent (I)

Andrew Kwaczynski

Karen Mustard

Leanne Sarsons

Patrick Van Minsel

Mario Vucinovic (I)


Moyra Baxter (I)

Mario Vucinovic 

Kelowna and Lake Country Trustees


Norah Bowman

Rolli Cacchioni (I)

Chelsea Frank

Joel Fraser

Julia Fraser (I)

Terry Giesbrecht

Stuart Kyle

Joachim Nierfeld

Peter Pagliocchini

Lee-Ann Tiede (I)

Lake Country

Deb Butler

Amy Geistlinger

Working Together on Early Childhood Development

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