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Rolli Cacchioni - Kelowna Trustee Candidate

The mandate by legislation for Boards of Education in B.C. is to provide an education program for children from Kindergarten (age 5) to Graduation (usually age 17 or 18).

The SD#23 Board of Education has gone beyond this basic mandate to provide services and support to young children and youth in our community.

- The District has 13 private pre-schools located in SD#23 schools, in addition to a number of private pre-school and after school programs.

- SD#23 schools have 8 Strong Start Centres funded through the Provincial Government.

- SD#23 supports and partially funds a Young Parent Program at KSS.

- SD#23 has a dual credit Certified Education Assistant program in conjunction with Okanagan College at George Elliot Secondary in Lake Country.

- Through Link Funding, SD#23 has a lunch program for needy students at a cost of about $1,000,000. Also, SD#23 is home to a breakfast program that provides breakfasts to numerous needy students, at a cost of over $200,000.

- The District also has an Early Learning Partnership Committee with the operators of pre-schools in the District Schools.

- SD#23 has a program called Early Learning for Families (ELFF) that invites 3 and

4 year olds and their parents to an evening program that introduces them to our schools and gives each child a book to keep.

- SD#23 has representatives on the Central Okanagan Early Years Partnership (formerly CATCH).

- The District is involved in the Journey Home Program in Kelowna. There are some students attending SD#23 schools that are homeless.

- SD#23 had representatives on the planning committee of the Foundry and maintains close cooperation with this excellent facility.

- SD#23 houses The Hub at Pearson Road Elementary, which provides numerous services and programs at one location to families and their children.

- SD#23 pays a living wage to all of our nearly 3,000 employees, in addition to payments to fringe benefits.

Each of the initiatives, programs, etc. listed above, I have voted for and/or supported as a Trustee for the past number of years!

-I also have been the Board representative to the Central Okanagan Early Years Partnership (formerly CATCH). I have attended a number of CATCH workshops on free play, outdoor play, and other early years topics.

- I was the representative to the District Early Learning Partnership Committee.

- I am interested in investigating the concept of Junior Kindergarten at age 4 as some provinces and countries now have.

- I support well qualified daycare operators being paid a living wage and support the increase in childcare training spaces at our colleges. The public colleges are funded by the Provincial Government.

- I continue to support the rigorous inspection by the Province of childcare facilities to ensure the safety of all children attending them.

- I continue to support the idea of childcare being affordable to all parents. The concept of $10 a day childcare needs to be on a sliding progressive scale, like the progressive income tax.

- As a school Trustee, I will not be in a position to vote for free public transit and recreation service since it is beyond the mandate of School Boards. However, I do believe that public services like transit and recreational services need to be accessible to all irrespective of financial position.

As indicated by my voting record on the School Board, I am a firm believer in early childhood education and providing programs for families in our communities.

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