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Winston Wammer Candidate for West Kelowna Councillor

Q 1: If elected, what will you do to reduce the rising vulnerability among young children in your community?

Q 1: If I was elected I would do the following to reduce vulnerability among young children in our community.  I would start by learning as much as possible about the issue, you have attached several resources that I would want to read. I would be looking at what the evidence shows, what has been done and where were the major successes. I would be looking for what collaborative efforts have been followed to include all stakeholders in the issue such as families and children living in poverty, government agencies that serve them, non profits that work with the population, to only name a few. What ideas were generated, were any of them followed, did any of them have positive outcomes. For example of the 43 grants provided in Saskatoon, which programs made a significant difference.  I would want to know about the statistics for our community.  I would support community services and events that enhance the lives of children living here.  I would work with other municipalities and senior levels of government to proactively seek their support to meet the needs of this population.

Q 2: If elected, what will you do to help increase the number of quality child care spaces in our community?

Q 2: If elected I would explore if we have a child care Action Team and listen to their concerns and solutions. If there isn’t one take steps to help form one. I would look at community resources that are already in place to see if they are already working together toward a common goal. I need to find out more about the $10 a day Child Care plan, but believe high quality day care that is affordable is very important to help families move out of poverty.

Q 4: If elected, will you advocate for free access to public transit and recreation services for children and reduced transit fares for low-income individuals, families and seniors?

Q 3: I believe children should have access to transit and high quality recreation programs. These programs should be affordable and possibly income tested

Q 5: The municipal government has a responsibility to avoid contributing to the problem of low-wage poverty. If elected will you commit to adopting a living wage policy requiring the municipality (or school district) to pay a living wage to both it’s employees and contract staff?

Q 5: I believe that all people who work deserve to make a living wage and would support any legislation that makes this possible

Q 6: Homelessness and housing affordability is a regional issue that has “spillover effects” from one community to another. If elected, how will you work with the City of Kelowna to support the Journey Home Strategy at a regional level?

Q 6: Homelessness is a very complex problem, affordable housing is one of the solutions but certainly not the only one. I do favor mixing low cost housing with market housing which lessens the stigma on poverty. Again I think the response to affordable housing is fragmented and until all parties get in the same room including most importantly the people affected by it, we will not find a comprehensive solution

Q 7: If elected, will you participate in and support the Central Okanagan Poverty Reduction Committee - both with financial and staff resources - to develop a local poverty reduction strategy? Please describe what you see as your City’s role.

Q 7: I will make it a priority to learn every thing I can about the Poverty Reduction Committee, what it does to serve children in poverty and what positive outcomes it has demonstrated. If it is meeting the needs of the people it serves I would definitely advocate supporting it with dedicated staff time

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