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Father's Resources

  1. Being a Dad booklet

  2. Dad’s Central

  3. Aboriginal Fathers: Rebuilding Our Identity - Fathers' and Practitioners' Experiences in Central Okanagan Aboriginal Fathers Engagement Program. UVic Master's student, Wes McVey 

  4. Fatherhood is Forever - A resource booklet about fathering for First Nations and Metis parents in BC published by First Nations Health Authority and National Collaborating Centre for Aboriginal Health

  5. Resource Kit for Indigenous Fathers and Community Programs by Dr Jessica Ball, Early Childhood Development Intercultural Partnerships, University of Victoria.  Contents:

              • DVD, Fatherhood: Indigenous Men’s Journeys (40 min. with 16 pg. screening guide) Guide booklet (60 pp. full colour)
              • Aboriginal Fathers: A Guide for Community Programs -  This easy-to-read, practical booklet provides an understanding of the challenges facing many Indigenous fathers and how programs can effectively reach out to welcome and involve them. Stories of Indigenous fathers convey how they overcame challenges in order to become involved – and stay involved – with their children. The booklet includes tips for programs from Indigenous fathers themselves, emphasizing more father-friendly environments and more active efforts to relate to fathers on their own terms.
              • Beginning the Journey of Fatherhood: A Guide for Aboriginal Men - This plain language booklet provides a glimpse into the worlds of some Indigenous fathers as they are facing social and personal challenges to becoming involved with their children, and how they are learning to be fathers. The booklet includes stories of Indigenous fathers who have succeeded in being involved fathers and who describe learning more everyday about how to be a dad. Fathers offer practical advice to men who are becoming fathers. They encourage men who are fathers to reclaim healthy fatherhood roles as part of the healing journey of Aboriginal peoples.
              • Information sheet
              • Summary of Indigenous Fathers Research Project
              • “Having a relationship with a child is a courageous act: Show Your Child You Care”
              • Poster (17” X 23”, full colour)
              • Worksheet for program workshops

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